Muar district is about 2346.12 square kilometres with a population of 328,695 people (census 2000). The word ‘Muar’ is believed to originate from an estuary. Other possibility is that it is derived from a Hindu word namely “Muna” and “Ar” which mean “Three” and “River” respectively, reflects Muar’s River existence that flowed through these cities and also the longest river in Johor.The new administration centre which is known as Muar 2 is to be built. The centre would accommodate all Federal and State Government departments and is expected to be located nearby Muar Bypass in Muar city. Muar is rich in history but due to the historical and archaeological evidence was not properly recorded , most the background history was unknown. It is believed Muar’s history has started earlier than the Malacca Empire. In year 1361, a record was found which stated that Muar is part of Majapahit empire province. In other records showed that Parameswara, Malacca empire founder, have set up a settlement in Pagoh, Ulu Muar after fleeing from Temasik before heading to Malacca. Muar is the only place of Malacca sultanate tomb, Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah Sultan 1 (1477 1488) is located. The tomb has been cruelty ravaged by the Portuguese during their conquest on Malacca. Muar also play a role in intercepting the Portuguese in year 1511. To avoid the Portuguese attack, Kubu Bentayan was built by the Sultan of Malacca to combat the attack from the sea.

Muar Town?

Muar or Bandar Maharani, is a historical town and the capital of Muar District, Johor, Malaysia. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malaysia to be visited and explored for its food, coffee and historical prewar buildings. Muar District was formerly divided administratively into Muar (Bandar Maharani) municipality and Tangkak township. Upon upgrade of Tangkak sub-district to full-fledged Tangkak district, Bandar Maharani of Muar is now administered by Muar Municipal Council (formerly South Muar Town Council, later Muar Town Council) under the Muar District Office, while Tangkak is administered by Tangkak Town Council (formerly North Muar Town Council) under the Tangkak District Office.

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